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LEAP! Guide to Smart Aging

LEAP Book Cover

The LEAP! Guide to Smart Aging contains a wealth of practical information to help you prioritize brain health. It is included with the LEAP! Foundations class and is also available for purchase separately.

This one-of-a-kind book provides evidence-based information on the following topics:

  • Brain-healthy eating
  • The four pillars of exercise for cognitive health
  • Cognitive engagement
  • Sleep health: how to promote quality sleep for a rested brain
  • Stress management and emotional health
  • Socialization and brain health

Every chapter includes practical strategies for everyday brain-healthy living, research highlights that describe interesting and important studies, "did you know?" sections that discuss fascinating facts and statistics, and much more. Take a look inside...

LEAP! Guide to Smart Aging Nutrition

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Last modified: Aug 29, 2018